Veg Out Girl
Week of 7/6

This week I was so week and still dealing with a flare up that I couldn’t get out much. So I tried to still free up space on the computer and complete some of my fiber art projects. It got so hot that I didn’t want to keep a knitted baby blanket on my lap any more. I have some lace weight acrylic yarn but I try not to use it since it burns my skin. Since it was too hot to keep any large yarn projects on my lap I started tatting flowers and butterflies with the acrylic yarn. That lasted for about 1 day until I the burning on my skin got too bad to tolerate any more and it looks like my skin started getting a rash. Hopefully next week will be better and more productive.  

Week of 6/29

This week I tried to free up as much space as I could on my computer. It is running better now but I don’t have a lot of space left on my external hard drives and the system still will not recognize the additional internal hard drive. So far the week was going good until I got a flare up and had to cancel my plans for this weekend. I kind of had plans with someone I recently met and was concerned how they would react with me canceling. Thankfully they were willing to listen to me explain my medical situation and kind of understood why I canceled.

Week of 6/22

On Saturday 6/28 I got job working registration and a merchandise counter for a conference session. It was fun and busy but I was really tired after it was over. Unfortunately that is just the way things go but at least I can still work. I have been thinking about getting a sales job since it might work better for my current condition but not sure what to expect and if it would work out. Hopefully my energy level picks up soon. 

Get Me a Bathroom

Since my digestive problems are the way they are I like to make sure that I know where the closest bathroom is. Since my chemical sensitivity is not so bad on the west coast (where I’m currently living) I have been able to go into stores and get out of the house more than I have been able to for the past 2 years. I do push myself a little more than what most people think I should be since I don’t know how much long I will be able to have the experience of going into stores without getting really sick. (Hopefully the residual chemical standards on the west coast stay the same if not improve so I don’t lose the ability to go into stores and generally be out in public.) But since it has been about 2 years since I have been able to go into the store, buy my own stuff, and not take a plane flight to bring it back to where I live I push myself to go out since it feels like freedom.

Usually I keep a memo note on my phone listing where bathrooms are located based on the cross streets/area of city/town I’m in. Since I’m living in a new place and I have a new phone it has been difficult to find the closest bathroom. So this blog post will be kind of a reminder to me on how to find the closest bathroom- and I hope it helps others find a bathroom too.

Thankfully most of the farmers markets now have porta potties so when I’m at the farmers market I can use them if I have to. But if I want more privacy and can make the walk to a department store I usually look for a major national department store since most of the type they have a public restroom. I prefer Target since there bathrooms tend to be more spacious and cleaner.

If there are no major national department stores nearby find a large grocery or supermarket chain store such as Safeway or a Kroger store.

If there are no large grocery stores nearby find a coffee shop or a fast food chain location such as McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell. Usually a coffee shop will allow you to use the bathroom without a purchase if it close to a freeway/ a road that gets a large amount of traffic, but most coffee shops downtown will ask that you make a purchase before they give you the code to use the bathroom. (If you have a bathroom access card you should be able to avoid the purchase requirement.) For me going into a fast food location is the last resort because my chemical sensitivity symptoms will get worse to the point that I will turn yellow and start coughing to the point of dry heaving if I stay in the place past 5 minutes. So I usually look for a coffee shop or another small store that looks like they might have a public restroom before going to a fast food place.

 If you are on a road trip and/or cannot find a public restroom find a college. Usually there is a coffee shop that is open fairly early and late that will have a public restroom. Or there may be another store near the college that will have a public restroom.

Week of 6/15

This week I was really tired and had a hard time getting things done. My PCP (Primary Care Physician) got the fecal lactoferrin test results back and said that I have IBS. Hopefully the medication works when it should. I found out that I can have tea and chocolate again, but no onions. I’m glad that I can have 2 more items and that it only seems like I lost 1 item, but it is kind of hard to remember to not use onions since I use them a lot to flavor my food. I tried using onion powder but that just made my digestive symptoms worse.

While I was stuck at my place I tried to get some video projects to render and found out that I have no space on any of my hard drives. (I should have paid better attention to how much space I had.) So I tried installing a spare EIDE hard drive and my system would not fully recognize it. My primary hard drive is also an EIDE and I only have 1 jumper block/cap. I tried all the different jumper block configurations and the system would just not boot up and/or recognize the spare hard drive for use. So I just added more to my credit card debit by ordering a pack of jumper blocks and an external hard drive case just in case my system still doesn’t recognize the spare hard drive.

Hopefully next week will be better and maybe a job!

Week of 6/8

I hate flare-ups because they are painful, they make me weak and they make me miss life. So this week I got a flare-up that is still kinda going on. I had to cancel an interview and probably a job opportunity since my body decided to execute its own painful agenda. I just got my medical insurance cards and am really glad that I don’t have to deal with the pre-existing condition clause. I was able to see a new PCP (Primary Care Physician) on Thursday and he talked about doing a new stool/fecal test for inflammation triggers. I agreed and he also ordered a blood test to check my iron levels. They already got the test results for the blood work and prescribed an iron supplement. Thank you doctor! The new stool test they are having me do is called Fecal Lactoferrin and it is said to have a 90% accuracy rate for determining IBS or IBD in patients. Since my endoscopy biopsies were normal I’m curious to see what this new test shows. Here is a link to get more info on the Fecal Lactoferrin test:

Week of 6/1

I am so glad I finally got my security deposit from the last place that I lived since it paid for most of my June rent and I only had to out a little cash advance to cover the rest of my rent. Still looking for a job and getting interviews, but still no consistent job yet.  In the mean time I am having fun exploring the city and getting to know the area.

Week of 5/25

So since late fall/winter I noticed that my skin started burning more when wearing acrylic based clothes, such as sweaters made from acrylic yarn. So when I moved from central USA I was glad to get rid of a lot of my sweaters and turtle necks since most of them are made from acrylic yarn. But it gets a little cold in the mornings and evenings on the west coast so I need to come up with some more sweaters or sweatshirts that my body won’t have issues with. I got an organic sweatshirt from a local shop/vendor but it was really expensive and I don’t want to keep loading my credit cards when I don’t have any income.  Maybe my knitting and crochet skills will pay off soon.

Week of 5/18

Surprisingly I got a lot of stuff unpacked (mostly the kitchen) and it feels really good to have my sprouter and GreenStar juicer back. The sprouter is used to grow grass sprouts such as alfalfa sprouts and wheat grass. I have had the FreshLife sprouter for a few years now and I run it almost every week. I have been missing my sprout salads and am really glad that I can start that routine again.

Week of 5/11

It feels so good to be able to go into the store without turning yellow and dry coughing without getting to the point of dry heaving. I am so glad that I am closer to my friends and able to do my own shopping –at least for now. I got my stuff and now just need to balance my energy between going out for job interviews and unpacking.