Veg Out Girl
Week of 4/13

My unemployment claim was denied. While I understand the decision it is still really frustrating and I am now trying to figure out my living situation with the possibility that I may not get a job as quickly as I would like to.  At least at this point I know that I will be somewhere back on the west coast where I can at least go into a store without turning yellow and my cough getting worse.  I was able to get a free consult with a law firm. They did confirm that I don’t have a valid unemployment claim and/or lawsuit since the company didn’t quality to provide FMLA and that the ADA has to be approved by HR. The advised that in order to qualify for FMLA I will have to be working for the company for 1.5 years (full time) and the company has to have more than 50 employees within a 75 mile radius of the job site. In order to have a valid claim with ADA (American Disabilities Act) I have to make sure that all the necessary paperwork is submitted to my HR office and that my HR office approves the recommendations made by my Doctor.

I have seen a lot of recommendations online from others with chronic conditions stating that they had to start working for themselves (along with relying on spouses and/or family). I would like to start generating my own income from services and/or items that I sell myself but my I am still really weak and am concerned that it may not work out. But maybe I can do odd jobs, extra labor, and/or on call work while trying to build up my own company. I think I may have to start focusing more on trying to sell jewelry again, along with crocheted and knitted items. Due to my chemical sensitivity it would also be wise to learn sewing and making my own clothes -and maybe I could use the sewing skills to sell other items. I also can start to work on trying to get my cook books written and completed.

Week of 4/6

I was so glad that I was able to go to the local Art museum. The first Saturday of the month is a free day at the local art museum so I went out and hoped that I would be able to stay at least a few hours there. I was so glad that I was able to stay more than a few hours and experience the day at the art museum. I really like exploring the Indian Art exhibits. I found myself like a lot of Jeffrey Gibson’s work. I find it interesting how he used some beading work on painted canvases.

Week of 3/30

This week I tried applying to temporary/short term jobs to see if I can at least make some money even if it is for just a few days and/or on an as needed basis. I started packing for the move and found out how really weak I am. It’s hard to not be frustrated when I have to take a nap and/or rest for a few hours after trying to pack 4 boxes.

Week of 3/23

I filed for unemployment and am waiting to see what the decision is. I was expecting my apartment lease to still be active for the next 4 months but I got a notice stating that it is expiring in May. This may be a good thing since I may not be able to pay my rent without a job. So I submitted my notice stating that I will not be renewing my lease and am looking for a job and a new place to live.

Week of 3/16

I got fired from work due to calling in sick. Even though I told them that I am working on trying to get to the point where I can see my Dr to have the ADA (American with Disabilities Act request for work accommodation) paperwork submitted and that I am upset that I was not told sooner about the paper work not being submitted, they advised that they can no longer accept absences on the job site. They also advised that even if my Dr sent in the paperwork they could not provide work accommodation. While I understand that absences do affect a company’s day to day operations I’m still frustrated about my situation since there is really nothing I can do. I am really glad that there are online support groups for people with chronic conditions.

Week of 3/9

Thankfully I made it through the entire work week but I am still really weak. Laundry didn’t seem like much of a chore before having a lot of digestive issues but now it feels like I’m constantly doing laundry and I’m running out of detergent. But at least I have a washer and dryer in my apartment so I don’t have to worry about going up and down stairs to get to the laundry room.

Week of 3/2

Unfortunately my body again got the best of me and I had to call in sick to work. I am still really weak and exhausted. It really frustrates me that now my nausea is so bad that I cannot eat at least just a little bit of something so I am now getting really shaky from the lack of nutrition/energy. And I know that this sounds awful but based on past experiences I really don’t feel safe and comfortable being treated by the local medical facilities. At least I can sip on coconut water to try and keep my sugar and electrolytes up.

Week of 2/23

Just trying to make it through work and not pass out from being so exhausted all the time. Hopefully I can make it until through until I can fly out to see my Dr.

Week of 2/16

I contacted my Dr’s office and for some reason they cannot find the ADA paperwork in my file, which annoys me since I saw that they had the paperwork last year in the back of my file. Now they cannot find it and I am being asked to schedule a new appointment to have the paper work resubmitted to my HR office. My credit card already has too much of an outstanding balance and I don’t think I am going to be able to pay it off soon. Since my Dr is not in the same state that I live in I have to pay for a plane or train ticket out to see him. And my friends currently don’t have any space for me to stay with them. Lately I have not had enough energy to make 1 day trips out to the west coast so I have been paying for a hotel or staying with friends while in the west coast. So I’m kind of at a loss and just hoping that I can make it through until I have enough points on my credit card for a flight and hotel say, and/or money to see the Dr.

Week of 2/9

My hiring office contacted me again about my attendance. They told me that my Dr’s office never submitted the paper work they requested. Last Spring I requested FMLA and was told that my hiring office could not provide FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) since they don’t have more than 50 employees within a 75 mile radius from my job site. I was told to submit the ADA (American with Disabilities Act request for work accommodation form) paperwork which I did. My Dr’s office was also sent the ADA paperwork and I was told by my Dr that they will send in the paper when they received in the summer of 2013.